Jamberry vs ColorStreet

I have been a Jamberry Consultant for a couple years now, before that I was a loyal customer. I joined Jamberry because I loved the product. If you don't know what Jamberry is, they are nail wraps applied using heat. They also had nail polish and beauty products. In the Summer of 2018 they were bought out by another company and became known as Beneyou. They still have the nail wraps and I'm still a consultant.

My cousin sells Color Street. Color Street are nail laquer strips applied without heat and without a lot of hassle. They don't have as much as Jamberry/Beneyou but I decided to try some samples to compare the two.

First off, Jamberry has a lot more choices in designs and colors. They have wraps, lacquer strips, gel polish and regular nail polish. Applying the wraps are a bit tricky, you need to use the little heat machine or your blow dryer to melt the glue on the back and apply them. It takes some practice but will usually stay on for days if applied correctly. In my opinion, they are pretty easy to remove, I usually just peel them off.

Color Street has nail lacquer strips in different colors and some designs. I found they were pretty easy to apply, no heat needed, just peel and apply, and tear off the excess. I did like how easy it was to apply, only took me a minute compared to my Jamberry wraps. I'm not sure how long they last since I took mine off within a couple days. I found that they did smell strong of nail polish and removing them were a hassle.

Price wise they run about the same and both offer buy 3, get 1 free.

I will still continue to use Jamberry but will use Color Street as well to support my cousin, especially if I need to have my nails done fast.

White with flowers are Jamberry, The pink is Color Street. 


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