Okay, so I have been a Stitch Fix customer for years and after seeing ads for Wantable I decided to try it out. Wantable has 3 different categories to choose from, Style, Fitness & Men's Fitness. I decided to try the Style one. You start by filling out a profile, the usual details, what you like to wear, what size, color, etc then fill in your personal details, name, address, etc & billing. The subscription costs $20.00 & applies to anything you keep. I filled out all my details and entered my credit card details & hit submit. Now it was just a matter of waiting, but while you wait for your stylist to create your box, you can also go through a bunch of items & pick & choose what you would like sent to you, I decided to just let my stylist pick for me. I had forgotten all about my box until I got it today. It was a pretty heavy box so I knew it had to have some cool items in it. I opened it and hoped for the best. Right on top was a welcome letter and the bill. As soon as I saw how much the whole box was going to cost me, my eyes pretty much popped out of my head and my mouth dropped to the floor. Let's just say this box of clothing was not cheap! My first box cost well over $300.00! If you decide to keep all the items, you save 20%. The one thing I discovered about this box as compared to Stitch Fix was the sales tax and styling fee. I don't believe Stitch Fix charges tax, Wantable charges it also on the styling fee, so instead of $20.00 like it advertises, it's $21.12 but it does apply to anything you decide to keep. I do have to say though that Wantable has some nice items, most are brand name and they are local to me, right out of Milwaukee! Anything you want to send back, they provide a prepaid envelope, I sent this entire box back. My second box still cost me well over $300.00! My budget did not allow me to keep the items I wanted, which was a cut off hem skinny jean my Mya and a Rib knitted pullover sweater in Dark Grey by Fate. But I did end up keeping the Double Layer necklace in silver by W. (which is Wantable's brand.) The necklace cost $40.00 but after my discount, it cost $19.92.  Just like Stitch Fix, you are able to skip boxes, which is what I did for this month, due to the holidays. Will I keep ordering from Wantable? Probably not due to the cost of each box. Will I recommend Wantable to friends? Sure, only because someone else might be able to afford them.


  1. Wowzersdooo girl, that is expensive....I would love to be able to do things like this but I can never order clothes or shoes online because I always have to try them on first

    1. Yes, the one thing I forgot to mention is that you have about 5 days to try things on, then you either keep them or send them back. :)


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