Dance Masters of Wisconsin

This past weekend, November 17 & 18, my 9 year old daughter got to attend her first Dance Masters of Wisconsin Mega Workshop. Over the course of the weekend, she got to spend 9 hours learning from Nationally known dance masters and choreographers. She got to learn moves from ballet, hip hop, musical theater, tap, and contemporary. I was able to purchase an Observer's badge so I can sit in on the classes and watch. I was amazed by how well and how fast my daughter caught on to the dances, I think my favorite one to watch was the contemporary. Her instructors were Judy Rice, Alex Black, and Donnette Cannonie. My daughter also earned a certificate for attending her first workshop and earned a pin for acquiring 10 hours of lessons. Something new that Dance Masters started this weekend, for so many hours you attend, you can earn yourself pins, medals, trophies and certificates, you can also earn scholarships. If you have a child in dance, I highly recommend registering him or her to attend one of this workshops, its so worth it for them to learn what it takes to be in dance, how to focus and learn each and every step and to meet new friends.

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  1. This was very interesting, I'm glad you got to watch & that Summer had a great time


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