A Cat Name Mouse

Summer & Mouse
About a year ago, we had adopted a small kitten named Mouse. I'm assuming the shelter named him Mouse because he was small and skittish and when he meowed, it came out like a squeak. Well fast forward to a year later, Mouse is no longer small or skittish, sometimes he still gets scared if you move too fast or he hears a loud noise but he is the friendliest cat. My youngest daughter carries him around like a rag doll, he really loves that little girl. He's her shadow, he follows her around a lot. I'm thinking he used to be a dog in a past life because that's what he acts like most days. Yesterday morning, the girls were still sleeping and Mouse wanted in my daughter's room, he's sitting out in the hall screaming. I told him to be quiet and to come here. I pointed to the floor in my room and after looking at me like I was crazy, he came to where I pointed. Then I told him to get on the bed and lay down, he did as he was told. The minute I turned my back, he jumped off the bed and started down the hall. Again, I pointed to my room and told him to get back here and again, he did as he was told. I turned my back again to finish putting my makeup on and for the third time, Mouse started down the hall and for the third time I told him to get back here and lay down. I swear this cat is the strangest cat because he listened every time. Mouse was sitting quietly on the bed when he heard my daughter's door open and right away he darted off the bed and down the hall into her arms. This cat follows her every where, just like a dog. So therefore we now have a cat named Mouse who thinks he's a dog. Lol.


  1. I absolutely love this story! It really made me laugh, thanks...oh also, cats are weird lol


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