Pool Time

Living in Wisconsin, you never know what the weather is going to do. Sometimes it's always cold, usually more than hot, then some days it's unusually hot. About 2 weeks ago, we had the heat on in the house, it was cold, today we set up our pool, it was so humid and sticky. It wasn't even ten thirty and I was already drenched in sweat. I tried to keep cool buy putting on a tank and shorts but it was still muggy. I finally decided to go out and set up our Fast Set pool. Eventually I would like to get a permanent pool, one that's big enough for the kids to swim in and for me to relax in. The one we have now is just a 10 by 30 inflatable and kind of pain to set up. You need to inflate the ring first then make sure the bottom is flat and smooth, which in my yard is hard to do. It comes with a filter and tubes and what not, which I set up but don't ever use because the first time I tried it, it didn't work right and I would rather be swimming than messing with that. 😀 It also came with a cover. So anyway, we decided to set the pool up today and the girls had a blast. The water was ice cold but once they got in and playing, they got used to it. And forget about swimsuits, they jumped right in with their clothes on. LOL. The girls played until my little one was shivering but like most kids, she goes,  "I'm not cold." Sorry honey, but yes you are... LOL. So about four thirty, we called it a night and covered up the pool. It finally cooled down a bit so we can go back in the house and relax without sweating to death.

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  1. Yes I agree with the weather in Wis. lol Ya never know what you're gonna wake up too lol Yeah pools can sometimes be a pain to set up, getting a permanent one would be a good idea but probably expensive tho probably worth it in the long run. Glad the girls had a good time.


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