Memorial Day Weekend

May 28th is Memorial Day, a time to remember our veterans. Most people use this time to go camping and party. I believe this time of the year is more than that. My family and I, we do sometimes have a BBQ but we don't travel, the roads are packed enough, making travel dangerous. We do however go to the cemeteries and put flowers and pennies on families graves. It's been a tradition for the last few years that I've been married. My daughters like to go and help too. Putting pennies on fallen soldiers graves means you stopped to visit and pay your respects. So the next time you are visiting loved ones, don't forget to leave a penny for a fallen soldier. Also please remember  that this is a time to be thankful for our vets, be sure to thank one when you see him or her. 
What do coins on military tombstones mean?

Memorial Day


  1. I wish that more people would try & remember what this holiday stands for & appreciate what they have & be grateful to the people who sacrificed so much....I'm glad that you all go to the cemeteries, put flowers & pennies on the graves of the fallen....that is a wonderful tradition to have & I hope that you keep it's good to celebrate with B-B-Qs & stuff but let's not forget the true meaning of the all your posts


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