Dance Recital

 My youngest daughter, Summer, had her annual dance recital this past weekend. She starts practicing around September and classes go until May or June depending on when the recital is. She is also on the dance team. She's been dancing for 3 years and with team for 2 years. She does ballet, tap and jazz. Her dance team, Little Dippers, compete twice a year, this year they competed at Rainbow and Legacy. If I remember correctly, they took Gold, High Gold & got Judges Award for Most Original performance. Her dance recital went very well even though it was a lot of work and rushing to get ready, especially in between numbers. She now has a break until summer session starts up in a couple weeks. She wants to continue to dance and stay on team. She absolutely loves it and has made a lot of friends.


  1. I'm so glad that she loves dancing! Hope she sticks with it & continues to love doing it because she's really good at it! Does she ever want to get back into skating again?

    1. I don't think she's going to take up skating again, she likes to do it for fun but the moves are too hard for her.


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