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A few years ago I was attending a vendor event and I can across a booth with nail products, I learned these were called Jamberry. I figured I had enough nail polish so I put this out of my mind. Later on down the road, I came across Jamberry again and decided to try a sample. These nail wraps were a lot different than the products I have gotten in the store. These adhere to your nails using heat. The first time I used a Jamberry wrap, I didn't have much success with it. Last year, I went to another vendor event and once again came across a Jamberry booth. I talked with the young lady who showed me exactly how to use these awesome wraps. My sample lasted about 2 weeks, impressive. I started buying more and more wraps and built up a pretty good stock of them. They even come in kids sizes for little fingers :) This past November I decided to join Jamberry as an Independent Consultant. I figured I was buying enough product, might as well get paid for it while I was at it. :) Jamberry nail wraps are unlike anything else on the market. They apply using heat and will last up to 2 weeks on fingers & 6 weeks on toes! No drying time and no chipping! Jamberry also has lacquer and gels. And just recently we launched our beauty line, hair care products and brow liners. Jamberry also has a monthly style box, for a monthly fee, you can get 2 unique wraps not available online. And if that isn't enough, we also have a Style VIP membership where for an annual fee, you can get 15% off most products! Come on, you cant beat that :) I really love Jamberry and their products and I hope you will try them and love them too. You can check out my site using the link above. You can also contact me for free samples :)


  1. Well as this is the 3rd time I've commented on this, let's see if I can finally get it right lol These are so really pretty, I've had some samples of them but I'm not very good at putting them on, because of circumstances I can no longer wear anything on my nails so I'm really glad to hear that you have other products also that I may be interested in. Can't wait to take a looksee at them!


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