Scammed by Mary Kay

So we've all heard of Mary Kay, you know those ladies with the well done makeup and the fancy clothes and the pink cars and I'm sure you've all wished you were those ladies, making lots of money doing the dream job thing. Well I was one of those ladies, twice and it isn't what it seems. I should've learned the first time when I did Mary Kay that it wasn't for me, but I decided to try again and once again, failed miserably. I was talked into purchasing a ton of product to keep on hand and that for sure I would sell it all and make twice as much money back. Well I spent well over $3,000.00 and the only thing I had to show for it was a set of lamps that I won for spending that much, a pin, some bracelets, and a whole ton of product that would sit for a long period of time since no one wanted to spend that much on cosmetics and skincare. So after a few months, (my upline had said try it for a few months, if you don't like it, you can leave,) so I did and after deciding again that it wasn't for me and that I would rather have the money for my daughter's dance lessons, I made the decision to send back all my product for my money back. Mary Kay says that they will buy back your items and give you about 90% of your money back, guarantee. Well I called to cancel my contract, and had them email me all the paper work I needed to send back the product. I calculated all my product and filled out the paper work which was estimated to come to about $3,271.00, enough to pay off my credit card. I also spent about $70.00 to ship that product back, which comes out of your pocket, MK doesn't reimburse you for that. So I waited about a month and half, since I was told it would take about that long to get a reimbursement check, I finally got my check yesterday. I was pretty excited since I figured it would be enough to pay off my debt but was greatly disappointed when I opened it to find not $3,000.00 but only, $1,400.00. What a huge rip off! I returned over $3,000 in product and only get $1,000 back! What MK doesn't tell you is that they are only giving you the Wholesale value, not the retail value of the products then they deduct taxes and what not. So you don't even get enough back to cover what you put into the pink business. I am seriously disappointed and am thinking of throwing out all MK product and selling my lamps and jewelry. I will never support that business again and hope this helps as a warning to anyone else thinking about getting into all the hype of pink cars and fancy dreams. I'm sorry but MK is not all it's cracked up to be and hope they are enjoying all my money that they stole from me. 😡😡


  1. I am so sorry to hear that....I never liked MK from the first time I tried it (over 35 years ago) I won't go into details but from then on I never cared for it....I'm am really sorry that you didn't get what you hoped's really not right...or fair


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